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Melting furnaces

From electrically heated or gas-fired melting furnaces to dewaxing furnaces or core drying ovens to fully automatic quench and temper systems for aluminum or steel, we professionally cover the requirements of the foundry industry.

With our long term experience and one of the largest engineering departments in the furnace industry, we would be very pleased to work with you and find a solution tailored to your needs.

Tilting Furnaces
The electrically heated tilting furnaces are characterized by very good melt quality and high melting performance with optimum energy efficiency. They are ideal as a flexible solution for pre-melting but also for direct pouring into large moulds..

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Bale-Out Furnaces
Whether in manual pouring operation or integrated in an automated casting cell, the electrically heated tilting furnaces are characterized by very good melt quality, optimum energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation. These furnaces are available with increased power for holding and melting as allrounders or with reduced connected load for only holding of aluminum alloys.

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Furnaces for Special Applications
With their high level of flexibility and innovation, Nabertherm offers melting furnaces for heavy metals or magnesium, different bath furnaces for holding of aluminium and more customer-specific melting furnaces.

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Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard kilns/furnaces and plants for many different areas of application. The modular design of our products means it is possible to find a solution in many areas to your particular problem without the necessity of costly conversion and modification. And, if none of our standard kilns or furnaces meets your requirements, then we will gladly develop a kiln, furnace or complete plant specially tailor-made to your needs.

Melting furnaces
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