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Melting furnace and holding furnaces are Nabertherm's core business. As a German based manufacturer since 1947 Nabertherm offers a wide range of melting furnaces for non-ferrous metals. Energy saving insulation and high performance heating elements ensure an efficient operation of the furnace. The melting furnaces are available electrically or gas fired, in tiltable versions or bale-out design or even as combi transport ladle for melting, holding and transporting.

Nabertherm has supplied melting furnaces upgraded by the customer for the melting of magnesium. Nabertherm supplied the furnace with all necessary control systems and the steel crucible. The furnaces were completed by the customer with the safety devices, pump systems for bale-out and protective-gas systems. We are capable of implementing furnace systems to provide for a crucible volume of 1500 liters of magnesium.

For continuous processes, multiple crucible a melting furnace can be combined on a rotary table system. For example, when using three furnaces with a rotation in 120° steps, loading takes place at the first space, de-gassing at the second space, and bale-out at the third. This ensures a continuous supply of liquid metal at the pouring location. The rotary table is designed with an emergency drain below in case of crucible breakage.

A professional control system for a single and multi-zone melting furnace is based on Siemens hardware and can be adapted and upgraded extensively. HiProSystems control is used when more than two process-dependent functions, such as exhaust dampers, cooling fans, automatic movements, etc., have to be handled during a cycle; when furnaces with more than one zone have to be controlled; when special documentation of each batch is required and when remote telediagnostics service is required. The system is also perfectly suited for controlling multiple furnaces or furnace groups. It is flexible and is easily tailored to your process or documentation needs.

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Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard kilns/furnaces and plants for many different areas of application. The modular design of our products means it is possible to find a solution in many areas to your particular problem without the necessity of costly conversion and modification. And, if none of our standard kilns or furnaces meets your requirements, then we will gladly develop a kiln, furnace or complete plant specially tailor-made to your needs.

Nabertherm Melting furnace
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